Waveshare Argon One A Decent Aluminum Case for Raspberry Pi 4 with Safe Power Button

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Make A Shiny Mini-Computer By This Decent Aluminium-Alloy Case Customized For Raspberry Pi 4. Aluminum-Alloy Enclosure With Modern Space Grey Finish, Robust And Nice Looking. Tidy Cable Management:All Of The Ports Are Accessed At The Back, Minimal Cable Clutter.
Neat GPIO Recess Along With Magnetic Removable Top, Both Aesthetic And Protective, There’re Even Clear Pin Labels And Color-Coded Header, Make It Easier To Use.
The Extension Pillars Makes The Aluminum Case Become A Big Heatsink To Transfer Heat From The Board, Combined With The Cooling Fan And Multi Airflow Vents, Cooling Effect Can’t Be Better.
Dedicated Power Button, Combined With One-Line Script, To Turn The Computer On / Off While Ensuring The Stored Files Are Safe, Also Supports Customized Function.
Easy Assembly Without Messy Wiring:Comes With Two PCB Boards To Simply Build It Up, No Messy Wiring, No Wrong Connection, More Stable, More Safe. Proper Bottom Design:TF Card Slot On The Bottom, As Well As Two Airflow Vents And Four Rubber Feet