Upgraded Creality 3D Printer Platform Tempered Glass Plate Heated Bed 235mmx235mm with 1M Creality Capricorn Bowden PTFE Tubing XS Series for Ender 3 / Ender 3 Pro/Ender 5 / CR-20 Pro

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(as of Jan 09,2021 18:51:34 UTC – Details)

Temperature settings for different filaments:

1. PLA:50-70℃
2. Flexible filament: 50-70℃
3. ABS:100-125℃ ( 110℃is recommended )
4. PC:100-130℃ ( 120℃ is recommended )
5. Nelon:90-120℃ ( 110℃ is recommended )
6. PP:100-130℃ ( 120 ℃ is recommended )
7. PETG: 50-70℃

Material: ( Special Glass + microporous coatings )
Item size: ( 245*245*3MM)


a. Clean with alcohol or acetone when it cools down to room temperature, gently rub the surface, not shovel or scraper.

b. As the print has finished, DO NOT try to remove the model from the glass bed with force. This glass bed must come down to room temperature for the coating surface to “release” the mold. Because forcibly removing the print from the glass bed at high temperature WILL DAMAGE the proprietary surface.

c. Please lower the platform hot bed before any print operating to avoid extruder nozzle scraping the glass bed.

d. It is best to use a blade. If it can’t be shovel, don’t shovel it, because it will not affect the printing. The glass plate will have a loss of life. Just use the solid glue and masking tape when the adhesion is insufficient if the coating is damaged and scratched.

High Flatness – Upgraded 3D printer tempered glass plate provides more flat and more smooth build surface than original heated bed, magnetic mat and PEI sheet, ensuring higher flatness for the bottom of model and less likely of printing failure like not sticking to the bed.
Much Convenient – Easy to take off models by hand or with a little help from the scrapper for very large models. This tempered glass bed could be fixed with middle sized clips and cleaned with alcohol or acetone at room temperature.
Compatibility – The 3D printer parts is applicable with Creality 3D printer Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro, Ender 3 V2, Ender 5, CR-6 SE, CR-20 and CR-20 Pro. Please confirm if this tempered glass bed is compatible with your printer.
Durable – The perfect combination of composite coating and tempered glass makes the glass bed have stronger hardness, dust and scratch resistance.It has a hardness of 8 mohs and heat resistance of +400℃.