SUNFOUNDER 37 Modules Sensor Kit V2.0 for Raspberry Pi 4B, 3B+, 3B, 2B and RPi Model B+, 40-Pin GPIO Extension Board Jump Wires with English Manual (with English Manual)

77,99 €
(as of Jan 10,2021 05:20:27 UTC – Details)

The kit is special in consisting mainly of sensor modules. Each sensor is made in the format of module which integrates some necessary components, such as comparator, resistor, and capacitor and so on, so it’s convenient for circuit connection. They output signals directly by connecting to an MCU. The kit includes almost all kinds of funny and powerful sensors for Raspberry Pi fans. It can help you “control” the physical world with sensors. Code, Fritzing files and datasheets are free to view and download under the LEARN section on SunFounder website.

35 Raspberry Pi projects
1 Dual-Color LED
2 RGB LED Module
3 7-Color Auto-flash LED
4 Relay Module
5 Laser Emitter Module
6 Button Module
7 Tilt-Switch Module
8 Mercury Switch
9 IR Receiver Module
10 Buzzer Module
11 Reed Switch
12 Photo-interrupter
13 PCF8591
14 Rain Detection Module
15 Joystick PS2
16 Potentiometer Module
17 Hall Sensor
18 Thermistor Module
19 Sound Sensor
20 Photoresistor Module
21 Flame Sensor
22 Gas Sensor
23 IR Remote control
24 Touch Switch
25 Ultrasonic Ranging Module
26 DS18B20 Temperature Sensor
27 Rotary Encoder Module
28 Humiture Sensor
29 IR Obstacle Avoidance Module
30 I2C LCD1602
31 Barometer
32 MPU6050 Gyro Acceleration Sensor
33 RTC DS1302
34 Tracking Sensor
35 Intelligent System

With detailed user manual containing 35 projects, code (C and Python), Fritzing images, datasheets, and so on.
Quick-responding technical support.
Well-designed case with grids for storing components; with anti-reverse cables (pin socket soldered on the modules).
Raspberry Pi NOT included.