RASPIAUDIO.COM Audio DAC Hat Sound Card (MIC+) for Raspberry PI4 / Pi Zero / PI3 / PI3B / PI3B+ / Pi 2 / Better Quality Than USB

24,69 €
(as of Jan 10,2021 14:09:33 UTC – Details)

High sensitivity Microphone Our gold offer, we added a high sensitivity microphone. Could be used for all voice project such as Google voice assistant, Alexa and Open source alternatives. Built-in stereo speakers and 2x5w output for passive speakers. To use as a standalone speaker (expect the same quality and power as a high end phone). To use with as pair of old non amplified system from a backyard sell. Could be used for radio project, standalone art project,as a all in one audio card..A high quality sound card for the Raspberry Pi better than USB sound cards What you will get in the ziplock bag: 1 Raspberry Pi Audio+Stereo Speakers+MIC Raspbery Pi 4, 3 , ZEro compatible

Onboard Microphone, can be detached for better performance (cable included)
2x5w Stereo Amplification 2 onboard speaker included
Extention screw terminal for external speakers (2 to 8 ohm)
DAC I2s 24-bit audio with studio sampling quality with Line out stereo 3.5mm jack
NO soldering required ! Pre-Soldered Long female header 2×20