Noulei Filament PETG pour imprimante 3D 1.75 mm, Strong 3D Filament, (Bleu 1kg 2.2lbs)

18,99 €
(as of Jan 10,2021 22:17:48 UTC – Details)

100% Made of PETG, prominent for its easy to print (like PLA) and durable strength (like ABS); easy bed adhesion, stiffness, and a glossy-type finish.
Heat-resistant, Resistant to UV, not easy to change color and yellowing, Tolerate common cleaners. no irritating smell.
Good toughness, The printed work can be recut, drilled etc, has a wide processing range.
Print Temperature: Nozzle: 230-260°C(446-500°F), Base Plate Temperature: 70-90°C(158-194°F).