Imprimante 3D Cloud Mise ? Niveau De L’Immersion Gold Chip 3D Imprimante Stepper Motor Driver A4988 Driver Board

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the a4988 is a complete microstepping motor driver with built-in converter for easy operation. the product operates bipolar stepper motors in full, half, 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 stepping modes with output drive capability of 35 v and ¡À 2 a. the a4988 includes a fixed off-time current regulator that operates in slow or mixed-attenuation mode. the converter is the key to easy implementation of the a4988. as long as you enter a pulse in the step input, you can drive the motor to generate a microstep. without the need for phase sequence table, high frequency control lines or complex interface programming. the a4988 interface is ideal for applications where complex microprocessors are unavailable or overloaded. during microstep operation, the chopper control in the a4988 automatically selects the current decay mode (slow or mixed). in the mixed-attenuation mode, the device is initially set to decay quickly during a fraction of the fixed stop time and then decay slowly for the rest of the downtime. the hybrid attenuation current control scheme reduces audible motor noise, increases step accuracy and reduces power consumption. an internal synchronous rectification control circuit is provided to improve power dissipation during pulse-width modulation (pwm) operation.

l’a4988 est disponible dans un ou plusieurs ensembles de montage en surface de dimensions 5 mm x 5 mm et une hauteur nominale globale de 0,90 mm avec un dissipateur de chaleur expos¨¦ pour am¨¦liorer la dissipation de chaleur.
le paquet est exempt de plomb (suffixe-t) et est plaqu¨¦ avec du plomb de 100% d’¨¦tain mat.