Genuine E3D V6 HotEnd Kit for 3D Printer, (1.75mm) (24V, Direct)

61,00 €
(as of Mar 11,2020 17:57:15 UTC – Details)

Our market-leading Hot End: all-metal design, British engineering, high-temperature performance. Customize your V6 to suit your 3D printer, and add upgrades to take your 3D printing to the next level.

THE MARKET-LEADING HOTEND: The cool kid of HotEnds. One that all other HotEnds want to be; one that all printers want to be with.
OPTIMISED FLOW RESPONSE: Meticulously designed and perfected internals mean consistent filament flows and far less blockages than clones can offer.
CUSTOMIZABLE TO SUIT ANY NEED: Upgradeable to take your 3D printing game to the next level with: high temperature printing, high speed printing, abrasive printing and medically-sterile printing to name a few.
APPROVED BY JOSEF PRUSA: the HotEnd of choice for not only Prusa, but also BCN3D, Lulzbot, German Reprap, Dagoma, Kodak, Jellybox, and many more.
OVER 50,000 customers in over 50 countries delighted with their V6 purchase.