GEEETECH Plateformes pour imprimante 3D, Superplate 3D Printer Glass Platform with High-performance Microporous Coating, 235 * 235 * 4mm for 3D Printer A10/A10M Heatbed

32,00 €
(as of Mar 03,2020 06:41:20 UTC – Details)

Precautions for use:

【1】 Leveling needs to keep a piece of A4 paper pulling the resistance distance to avoid wear.

【2】 Keep the filament from moisture so as to get good adhesion.
Please try to avoid touching the printing platform with your hands, or make sure your hands are dry and sweat-free when you touch them.

【3】 If there is oil stain, whitening or sticking to the platform when printing the first layer on the platform, the hot bed can be heated to 100 degrees for 5 minutes, and then reprinted after cooling. You can also use the alcohol to gently wipe (please not to rub hard) to print the platform.

【4】 Remove the print after the Superplate glass cools down.

【5】 Please never use alcohol to soak the platform. Only use a cloth dampened with alcohol to gently wipe the platform. Do not rub hard. If you rub it hard, the protective layer will be damaged.