GeeekPi Raspberry Pi 4 Holder ABS Holder Breadboard Holder Kit pour Raspberry Pi 4B,3B+,3B,2B,B+,Zero,Zero W,Arduino UNO,Arduino Mega 2560 (Bleu)

15,99 €
(as of Jan 10,2021 03:02:23 UTC – Details)

This is a Raspberry Pi experimental tray kit for raspberry beginners or Arduino beginners.
It contains a long breadboard and a breadboard power supply that provides 3.3v and 5v power to the breadboard power rails.
It is easy to deploy electronic components and the Raspberry Pi or Arduino development board can be fixed on the tray.
It is convenient to carry out and can protect the device well, prevent short circuit and so on.
It can also prevent the jump wire from loosening during the movement.
Fit for circuit experiments with Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno/Mega 2560.

Easy to assemble
ABS Material with screw holes
Long breadboard
Starter kits for the electronic experiments
Compatibles with Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno/mega 2560
Breadboard power supply (Offer 3.3V and 5V)
Two Colors: Blue & Green

Package Includes:
1 x ABS Holder Kit For RPi & Arduino(experimental tray kit)
1 x Long breadboard
1 x Breadboard power supply(6.5-12V DC Input,5V/3.3V Output)
5 x Red LED
5 x Blue LED
5 x White LED
5 x Yellow LED
5 x Green LED
2 x Button
1 x Buzzer
10 x 1KΩ Resister
2 x Acrylic washer
40 x Male-to-Female jump wire
40 x Male-to-Male jump wire
15 x Screw
1 x Anti-slipper pad
1 x Screw driver

Compatibles avec Raspberry Pi et Arduino Uno / mega 2560
Kits de démarrage pour les expériences électroniques
Matériau ABS avec trous de vis
Breadboard power supply (Offre 3.3V et 5V)