extrudr® BDP ø1.75mm (0.8kg) Greentec Pro Carbon Fiber – Petro-Free Bio-Filament! with Carbon Fiber! High Temperature & Stiffness! 100% Biodegradable! – Made in EU at a Fair Price!

51,99 €
(as of Jun 09,2020 07:40:21 UTC – Details)

extrudr BDP Greentec PRO with carbon fiber, black, ø1.75mm
The extruder PRO Greentech filament is a novel wood-based filament and therefore 100% biodegradable! The heat deflection temperature of PRO version is 165°C! It is the introduction to a fossil-free future. Additional advantages: No warping (usually no heated bed is needed) lower hotend temperature; significantly more temperature-resistant than PLA!
100% made in eu – highest quality at a fair price!
High Quality Colours, Low shrinkage, constant diameter & roundness, Vacuum sealed is standard!
recommended temperatures: nozzle 190-250°C, bed 0-90°C