écran tactile 5 pouces LCD 800*480 résistif Display Monitor with Bicolor case HDMI interface drivers provided Pour Raspberry pi3/3B+/2 B/B+/A

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(as of Jun 10,2020 18:01:26 UTC – Details)

1. For Raspberry Pi 4/ 3 /2 Model B+/B / A ,resistive touch control,drivers provided , works directly with Raspbian/Ubuntu
2. Display with HDMI interface, no I/Os required (however, the touch panel still needs I/Os)
3. Direct-connect with any revision of Raspberry Pi ,but when connect with the Pi 1 model B or Pi Zero, it needs an HDMI cable.
4. Backlight can be turned off to lower power consumption
1. Why the LCD doesn’t work with my Raspbian?
To use the LCD with the Raspberry Pi official image, driver should be installed first. Please refer to the user manual.
However, for the first testing, you may want to use our provided image directly.
2. Why the LCD still doesn’t work with the Waveshare provided image?】
Make sure the hardware connection is correct and connects fine.
Make sure the image in TF card is burnt correctly.
The PWR will keep on and the ACT will keep blinking when the Raspberry Pi starts up successfully, in case both of the two LEDs keep on, it is possible that the image was burnt incorrectly OR the TF card was in bad contact.
3. Which power supply should I use?
It is recommended to use a 5V/3A power adapter for the Raspberry Pi other than USB connection, otherwise the Pi may failed to start up because the PC’s USB port might have not enough power.
【Package Contain】
5inch HDMI LCD x 1
HDMI connector x 1
HDMI to micro HDMI connector x1
Touch pen x 1
RPi screws pack (4pcs) x 1
Bicolor Case for 5inch LCD × 1
Screws Pack × 1
Pour Raspberry Pi 4/3/2 Modèle B/B+ / A, le contrôle tactile résistif, les pilotes fournis, fonctionne directement avec Raspbian / Ubuntu
Affichage avec interface HDMI, pas d’E / S requis (cependant, le panneau tactile a encore besoin d’E / S)
Connectez-vous directement avec toute révision de Raspberry Pi, mais lorsque vous vous connectez avec le Pi 1 modèle B ou Pi Zero, il faut un câble HDMI.
Le rétro-éclairage peut être désactivé pour réduire la consommation d’énergie;
This display don’t support to work with PC and windows, if you want to connect with PC, choose the “5+inches lcd B with case”