Creality Flexible Steel Plate and Magnet Sticker Compatible with LD-002H Resin 3D Printer 138 x 85 x 0.4 mm (2 Sets)

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Mounting Instructions:

Before installing any parts, please do a test, place components in a place without removing 3M backing to see if everything aligns correctly.

1. Thoroughly clean your platform board. This is the most important part. Please wipe the platform with isopropyl alcohol, dry it under the sunshine, or anything else. Make sure that there is no resin left on the surface of your platform, otherwise it doesn’t perform well.
2. Make sure your platform is clean, then carefully tear off a 1 “/ 20mm paperback from the adhesive, taking care not to attract dust or dirt to the surface.. Keep the whole Magnetic Base elevating above the build plate and only touch the far backside to line it up with the Build Plate, then while keeping the side near you, begin to push down in the center rear while slowly working the Magnetic Base-down against the Build Plate. Pull the backing paper as you wipe from the center outward. Continue working from the back toward the front and pushing it from the center and spreading outward till the whole sheet is down. Burnish down with a bit of pressure, you can put a sheet of paper on top and rub it hard. It is best practice to allow the 3M bond to cure for 72 hours for maximum adhesion, but 24 hours gets you about 90% of ultimate adhesion.
3. Now Place the elastic steel plate on the magnetic base.
4. You may need to adjust your Z stop. As you are to add about 2.7mms to the bottom of your build plate, you may need to move your Z stop Sensor so that accept this extra distance. Some Build plates have enough play to absorb this, each machine is different. This also means that your maximum print height will be reduced to 2.7mms.
5. You may need to re-level your Build Plate if you forced your build plate in any way during installation.


Make sure your magnetic base is clean and free of any foreign matter, otherwise

Extra Strong Magnet – Designed to resist the pull of the FEP and hold up to chemical exposure
Quality Materials – Made with quality spring steel and 3M Adhesive
Excellent Adhesion- Enjoy better adhesion than your stock build plate!
Package List- 2*Flex Plate, 2*Magnet Sticker (138 x 85 x 0.4 mm)