Barrel for MK8 extruder

6,00 €
(as of Feb 03,2021 19:50:32 UTC – Details)

This is a barrel for both single and dual MK8 extruder with a PTFE tube inside (Note:3mm model has no PTFE tube inside). Please note that the 1.75mm MK8 extruder is not compatible with the 3mm one, and you can not convert your 1.75mm extruder into a 3mm one by just changing the barrel. please confirm your expected diameter before placing the order.

Material: Stainless Steel Screw thread:M6 Length: 38mm Inner diameter: 2mm for 1.75mm filament, 3mm for 3mm filament

Package List:
1 x MK8 barrel ?PTFE tube only for 1.75mm)