Audio DAC Hat Sound Card (Audio+) for Raspberry Pi4 / Pi Zero / PI3 / PI3B / PI3B+ / A+ / B+ / Pi 2 B/Better Quality Than USB

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Améliorez la sortie audio de votre Raspberry PI — Aucune soudure necessaire pour commencer (RCA optionnel à souder) HIGH QUALITY AUDIO OUTPUT To plug using the jack or RCA plug to your stereo or amplified speakers. Could be used for high quality for audio for home entrainement systems, using Raspian, Volumio or for art installation..A high quality sound card for the Raspberry Pi better than USB sound cards What you will get in the ziplock bag: 1 RCA CONNECTOR (NEW) 1 Raspberry Pi Audio (compatible with Pi: 4, 3, 2, B+, A+ and Zero) 1 2×20 pins female connector (requires soldering of pins connector) -DAC over the Raspberry Pi’s I2S interface Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3, 3B+, 2, B+, A+ Buit-in volume control from desktop (alsamixer) The 5th-order noise shaper operates at 64fs Line out stereo jack RCA phono connector 24-bit audio with studio sampling quality Easy installation: -Insert your Rapsberry Pi Audio Shield in your Raspberry pI then turn it on -Make sure your audio jack is plugged in to your amplifier -Open a terminal (yes the black windows thing) and type: wget -O – | bash -You might have to reboot -If everything went fine you should here a test sound when tryping this command: speaker-test -l5 -c2 -t wav

DAC I2s 24-bit audio with studio sampling quality
Sortie Line out stereo 3.5mm jack for stereo input
Aucune soudure nécessaire (Connecteur 40 broches soudé, RCA optionnel à souder)
Connecteur RCA inclus + extension 24 pins pour GPIOs pour vos projets
Compatible with Raspberry Pi4 / Pi Zero / A+ / B+ / Pi 2 : Pi 3 Model B and 3B+