3DLAC Plus Adhésif Fixe Spray Fixe pour Imprimante 3D Impression Double Adhérence Anti-Gaufrage Haute Qualité Nouvelle Formule sans Filament PLA Fléxible TPU PETG Format Air Shipping

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(as of Mar 11,2020 11:53:40 UTC – Details)

3DLAC spray is your best solution against warping by providing a great adhesion with commonly used filaments as PLA, ABS and PETG 3D printing has never been easier, with this great adhesion spray! Just spray a little bit of 3DLAC directly onto the glass of your heated bed and start printing. The spray can even be used without heat for PLA and PETG, although we recommend heating the bed up to respectively 50 and 60 degrees as letting the glass cool down, will release your object automatically from the bed. 3DLAC comes in a handy 100ml spray can, which will last your for hundreds of prints. While 3D printing using FDM, layers cool down after deposition an shrink. This shrinkage in turn cause layers below to be bend upwards, causing the familiar warping effect. In bad cases the print will come loose from the plate and will be ruined. But no more! 3DLAC will allow for great bonding of the printed plastic with the glass surface under it, allowing even large prints to be made without warping.

Convient également pour imprimantes avec base chaude.
Une fois l’impression, la pièce est extraite avec douceur et sans dommages.
Spray pour imprimante 3D sur le bord pour pla, ABS et beaucoup d’autres matériaux
Pour les plaques et unbeheizte pression chauffée | Excellente adhésion effet